Nationally recognized conservative pain management practice!

Welcome to Georgia Pain Physicians of Marietta, one of seven conveniently located Georgia branches of National Pain Care. Our associates are the most trusted name in pain management. They use cutting-edge technology combined with timely, compassionate service. Chronic pain can steal so much time, money and happiness from a person’s life. That is why at Georgia Pain Physicians, we focus on the quality of the life our patients lead, and getting them back to being pain free.
From your first phone call to checking in at our front desk, and from your very first office visit to your final checkout, our courteous staff will treat you with patience, compassion and respect. We target the cause of your pain, instead of just treating the symptoms using a variety of innovative treatments. With Georgia Pain Physicians, you play an integral part in your own pain management, working out a treatment plan with our specialists tailored specifically to your needs.